Washable Water Filters

Washable water filters can offer both convenience and cost savings in specific applications. Using a washable filter can help save money on disposable filter changes, and eliminate the hassle of disposing of the spent cartridges. Keller Products offers two distinct washable options:

Permanent Washable Water Filters

The washable filter line utilizing Keller’s proprietary stacked disc elements. These filters have been the cornerstone of the Keller filter line for the last 30 years. The stacked disc filters offer tremendous surface area in a compact package. They are ideal for process water applications, and are an excellent choice if they are slimy solids associated with the water supply. Classic applications are cooling water, process water, and feed lines to spray nozzles. Filtration as low as 50 microns is available.


Economical Washable Water Filters

Keller’s newest washable additions are all screen style elements. There are some economical options in the plastic screen designs. These are also capable of being used in drinking water applications. For more industrial style applications, including filtering metalworking fluids, the stainless mesh filters are a good choice. These are offered in two options, a straight cylindrical screen design, or a pleated element which provides greater surface area.