A Brief History

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A Brief History

Keller Products was founded in 1990 as a supplier of engineered filtration products for the industrial market. The major initial product line was a series of cartridge filters utilizing the unique Keller plastic stacked disc washable filter element. To meet customer requirements, cartridge filters with replaceable filter elements and bag filters were added to the line. Keller industrial filters continue to enjoy a substantial market in filtration of cooling water, municipal water supplies, pond and well water.


In marketing filters to industrial users and machine shops, the Keller salesmen received numerous requests for rugged and practical oil/water separators, particularly for the removal of tramp oil from water-base machine tool coolant. Keller management recognized that a modification of the stacked disc filter element could be the basis for a compact, efficient, and rugged oil/water separating (coalescing) element. Intensive development work led to the introduction in 1994 of the first Keller pump/separator units based on the stacked disc separator element. U.S. Patent 5,401,404, issued in 1995, covers the unique Keller oil/water separator design. Another patent is pending.


Keller has continuously improved and simplified the pump/separator units since they were first introduced. There are now over 10,000 units in shops, and Keller introduces new separator models and related products for machine shops based on continuing discussions with present and potential shop users.

Who We Are

Richard Strauss, President, has been involved in the filtration industry in a range of product development and management capacities since 1970. A graduate of M. I. T. with a MS in Chemical Engineering, he is the author of 35 U. S. patents.

Jonathan Strauss, Vice President, has been the marketing manager for Keller Products since its inception. A graduate of U. of New Hampshire with a degree in Chemical Engineering, he has sold industrial filtration products since 1985.

Keller Products

Customer Oriented

Keller management has many years of experience in manufacturing operations and, when designing a product line, we always ask ourselves if we would be satisfied with the product if we were the customer. All Keller products are designed to be easy to specify, install, and operate. We offer the best after-sales support in the business. a Keller product is not suited for a customer requirement, or if we are aware of a better solution to the customer’s problem, we will tell the customer. A customer can be assured that the price/performance combination of any Keller product line will never be matched by any competitive products.

Need More Information?

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