Portable Pump/Filter Unit

Portable pump filter/unit cleans chips & sludge from cutting oil or coolant.


Pulls from sump and continuously returns filtered fluid to the sump at high flow rate


No need to pump out sump or shovel solids


Keeps multiple sumps clean


About the PFA-1002 Unit:

  • Pulls from sump and continuously returns filtered fluid to the sump at high flow rate
  • No need to pump out sump or shovel solids
  • Cleans a typical sump in minutes, then can easily be moved to the next sump
  • Portable PFA-1002 keeps multiple sumps clean
  • Also filters and recycles fluid from chip spinners or chip compactors
  • Air-operated––No electricals––Inherently fireproof

Keeping Solids Level Low in Sumps:

  • Greatly increases tool life, minimizes tool breaking due to dirty fluid
  • Eliminates parts finish problems
  • Reduces burden on high pressure filter
  • Minimizes downtime and labor for manually cleaning sumps

How It Works

The PFA-1002 contains a large bag filter and a high flow 1″ air operated diaphragm pump, mounted on a cart. The 8-foot inlet and outlet wands, consisting of 5 feet of flexible hose and 3 feet of rigid pipe, can access all corners of the sump. With both wands inserted in the sump, the force of the filtered liquid discharge scours the bottom of the sump to suspend chips and sludge for pickup by the inlet wand. With a 20 gallon per minute recirculation rate, the PFA-1002 cleans a typical sump in minutes and then can easily be moved to another sump and set up simply by connecting a 1/4″ compressed air line.

“…The PFA-1002 is rugged and easy to use. It works exactly as described, with neglible operating cost, and has eliminated several costly problems. No more pumping out sumps, no more problems of fines affecting parts finishes, no more short runs with high pressure coolant filter…”

– Marox Corp.

“…For a modest investment, the two PFA-1002 units have allowed me to increase shop throughput, avoid unscheduled shutdowns, eliminate parts finish problems, and greatly reduce labor costs for sump maintenance…”

– CSI Manufacturing

Filter and recycle oil from chip spinners –The oil discharged from the chip spinners is pulled through the filter on the PFA-1002 by the self-priming pump, and the filtered oil is pumped to the oil feed tank or anywhere else in the shop.


In tandem with VAC-55 vacuum drum head, completely clean sludge, chips, and fluid from sumps when changing the coolant or oil.

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Complementary Product from Keller

Cleanable Magnetic Rods placed in existing filter bags greatly extend life of filter bags

Cleanable Magnetic Rods

Permanent rare earth magnetic rod placed in filter bag cleans steel and iron chips from coolant or oil, extends life of filter bag 5 times or more.

Use with existing bag filters – No installation required

Get these benefits:

  • Remove ferrous particles before coolant flows through filter bag to greatly extend life of filter bag
  • External stainless steel sleeve is removed for easy cleaning of magnet
  • Powerful rare earth magnets
  • Neoprene bumpers on ends of magnet protect filter bag from damage— Simply place magnet inside filter bag, No installation hardware required

Housing Cross Section:

Specifications and Ordering Information:

MAG-0475 Magnet for #4 Housing $625.00
MAG-0175 Magnet for #1 Housing $715.00
MAG-0215 Magnet for #2 Housing $895.00

Specifications and Ordering Information


PFA-1002 Unit

(Includes all hoses, cart, and five 25 micron filter bags)



Flow Rate: 20 gallons per minute
Compressed air requirements: 5 SCFM @ 20 to 125 psig
Electricals: None
Dimensions of cart: 20″ x 30″
Shipping Weight (Shipped UPS): 100 lbs

Additional Filter Bags:

Box of five polyester felt bags, 25 micron (RCP-25)



Box of five nylon mesh bags, 100 micron (RCN-100)



Note: Other filter bags from 1 micron to 100 micron available (1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100)

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