In-Sump Magnetic Separators

Keller magnetic separators clean steel or iron chips from coolant or oil in sumps.


Easy to install and remove for cleaning


Powerful 5000 gauss rare earth magnet rod


Made in the USA


SM-104, Cleaned

SM-104, 1 Day


SM-109, 1 Week

Get These Benefits:

  • Easy to install in sump, easy to remove for cleaning
  • Ideal for water-base lubricants or straight oils
  • Powerful 5000 gauss rare earth magnet rod
  • Install magnetic rod in sump horizontally or vertically
  • In-sump magnet separators greatly reduce solids load on coolant pump or in-line filters

The Keller in-sump magnetic separators are ideal for metalworking operations machining cast iron or steel. Install one or two in-sump magnetic separators close to the inlet of the coolant pump or the inlet to a Keller tramp oil pump/separator.

The basic Keller in-sump magnetic separator consists of a powerful rare earth magnetic rod attached to a flat circular magnet. To mount the magnetic rod horizontally in the sump, place the flat circular magnet against the side of the sump. To mount the magnetic rod vertically, place the flat circular magnet against the base of the sump. To clean the magnetic separator, remove from sump and wipe the collected chips into a chip drum. Note: Wear hand protection. Cleaning time: about 1 minute.

The 1-inch diameter rare earth magnetic rods with circular magnet attached are supplied in two lengths:

        4″ Rod SM-104
        9″ Rod SM-109


Two optional accessory items are offered:

  1. A handle which threads into the end of the magnetic rod, for convenience in installing and removing the rod assembly
  2. A stainless steel sleeve which slips over the magnetic rod to assist cleaning the collected chips when the assembly is removed from the sump. The stainless steel sleeve is recommended if the in-sump magnet is cleaned frequently.

Specifications and Ordering Information

Magnetic Assembly With 4″ Rod With 9″ Rod
Designation SM-104 SM-109
Price: $150.00 $295.00


Optional Accessories Designation Price
Handle HA-00 $15.00
Stainless Sleeve for SM-104 LS-104 $75.00
Stainless Sleeve for SM-109 LS-109 $75.00
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