High Pressure System Oil Skimmer Package

Our belt skimmer package for removing tramp oil that can accumulate in high pressure coolant system reservoirs. The system is designed to collect the tramp oil that is removed in the semi-transparent fabricated tank. Any coolant that enters the skimmer system is returned back to the high pressure reservoir. The collected oil can then be drained into a waste bucket.


  • Oil concentrator that holds the tramp oil and continuously returns clean coolant to the sump
  • Oil discharged from Keller Skimallessor oil concentrator is virtually 100% oil
  • Much cleaner shop environment
  • Drops right on high pressure tank


  • 2 Ball bearings on driver pulley
  • 1.2″ Cotton/silcone belt for ultimate oil removing performance
  • 9 ft long cord 115v
  • Liquid tight enclosure

How it Works

The Keller Black Magic Belt skimmer with the Skimallessor oil concentrator is mounted on the cover of the high pressure coolant system. As the Skimallessor container fills with coolant and oil, the oil separates to the top of the container and is held there. Coolant that separates is continuously returned from bottom of the container to the sump through internal piping. The only maintenance is draining the accumulated oil once or twice per week, depending on the machine.

Specifications and Ordering Information

Keller Skimmer package fits directly onto HP system tank opening.
MB 17-HP 17” Black Magic Belt Oil Skimmer With Skimallessor Tank & Clear Lid $895.00
MB-17: 17” Black Magic Belt Skimmer (Only) $375.00
BR-17F: Replacement Belt, Oil attracting $80.00

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