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Portable Tramp Oil Separator, Small Bag Filter

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The Model 315 patented portable tramp oil skimmer system is designed to remove tramp oil and filter out solids from the coolant used in CNC machine tools. The unit features an aluminum bag filter housing, rugged 1/2″ air driven pump, oil separation tank with coalescing package, all mounted within a compact metal frame and secured to a cart.

Since the cost of the portable unit is spread over multiple machines, portable units offer attractive per machine costs for a machine shop.

The Model 315 combines tramp oil skimming with solids removal capabilities which provides for a complete coolant filtration solution for CNC machines.

Additional information

Sump Size Ranges (gallons)

40 – 400

Compressed air requirements

1.0 SCFM

Oil Collected Prior to Draining (gallons)


Volume of Full Bag Filter (gallons)


Sump Inlet Devices Provided


Size of Oil Separator Tank (gallons)


Type of Prefilter

Small Bag