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Portable Filtration System

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The PFA-1002 portable coolant filtration system can remove both floating and settled chips and fines from coolant or oil. The unit is capable of flow rates as high as 20 GPM, and can filter particles down to 1 Micron.

The PFA-1002 can clean a typical CNC machine sump in just a few minutes, and then can easily be moved to the next machine. The unit employs an incredibly rugged, self-priming air diaphragm pump. The system is packaged in a compact welded aluminum frame and then mounted onto a cart. The system is supplied with 25 micron filter bags to start.

The PFA-1002 is shipped with everything required to operate the unit, only a compressed air line is supplied by the customer.

Additional information

Compressed air requirements

5 SCFM @ 20 to 125 psig

Flow Rate

20 gallons per minute