Filtration Innovation Boosting Productivity

Providing metal working fluid filtration and recycling equipment, designed for rugged operation with minimal attention.


Tramp Oil

Models range from single to multiple sumps; compressed air to electric driven systems; units that are floor standing, cart mounted, or magnetically mounted to the machine.



Keller filters can remove particles down to 1 micron in size, and handle pressures up to 300 psig for both water-based coolants and straight oils.



Keller Products offers three distinct magnetic separation lines. All employ 5,000 Gauss rare earth magnets for maximum removal efficiency.


Water Filters

Cleaning even the dirtiest of water supplies, Keller’s proprietary washable filters offer excellent flow rates and particle removal down to 50 microns.

Five Stars

Customer Feedback

We installed the first skimmer package on a large Matsuura to check the performance and the results were excellent! The sump was clean, and the oil drained from the Keller skimmer was solid oil. It eliminated coolant waste.

Ron M.

Facilities Manager at Paramount Machine

“…For a modest investment, the two PFA-1002 units have allowed me to increase shop throughput, avoid unscheduled shutdowns, eliminate parts finish problems, and greatly reduce labor costs for sump maintenance…”

Steve D.

President and founder of CSI Manufacturing

“I have cut my waste generation from 10 drums per month to two drums per month since I installed the Keller TKO-6 units. In addition, I have increased production by minimizing downtime, which helps us meet our customer deadlines. By removing the tramp oil, my coolant is less likely to foam, and filtering out the aluminum means I am less likely to plug coolant lines in my machines. The Keller units paid for themselves in a few months. I’m glad I kept looking for the right solution to this difficult problem.”

Peter J.

Manufacturing Manager at Stanfordville Machine

“The magnetic separators are working great. We clean them about every 3 hours or so and have been very pleased with the results.”

Jonathan S.

A.J. Rose Manufacturing Company

“…The PFA-1002 is rugged and easy to use. It works exactly as described, with neglible operating cost, and has eliminated several costly problems. No more pumping out sumps, no more problems of fines affecting parts finishes, no more short runs with high pressure coolant filter…”

Mike C.

Marox Corp.

Why Keller Products?

Keller supplies a family of products which allow machine shops to keep their fluids as clean as possible for as long as possible in the machine tools, reducing coolant consumption and boosting productivity. Keller separators and filters are designed for rugged operation with minimal attention, and Keller provides knowledgeable after-sales support. All products are manufactured in the U.S.



Our products are so durable that many customers are still running their equipment after 10 years.


Made in the USA

All of our products are made right here in the United States.


Customer Care

We offer excellent customer support, focusing on establishing long-term relationships.



Keller Products has been in the business since 1990, having over 10,000 units in the field.


Quick Turnaround

All of our products are shipped by UPS from stock.


Need to place an order?

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